Working Model

SHIKSHA Initiative uses these three distinct steps to effectively educate students in the classroom.


1. Teaching

The high quality interactive content is delivered to the students through a basic and simple technology platform, learning aids and interactive sessions. Teachers also follow Teaching Plan, Lesson Plan as prescribed by SHIKSHA Initiative.

2. Querying

The learning imparted to the students in teaching phase is assessed through computerized quizzes which helps in conducting formative assessment in a standardized manner which is further validated through various assessments and ‘Baseline-Endline’ designed by SHIKSHA Initiative. To further ease the teaching-learning process teachers are provided with question bank along with teaching plan which would help in conducting various type of formative assessment.

3. Augmentation

Teachers will assess the gaps in learning through worksheets and assessment which will further get bridged during the augmentation process. Fortnightly augmentation sessions are organized in play-way/activity based manner to support diverse learning style. A manual to address augmentation sessions is designed with multiple activities on the chapters/Learning Objectives (LOs) to be covered. The document will help teachers in picking right kind of activity to address specific needs.