Mridula (Asst. Teacher, P.S. Dhoom Manikpur, Dadri)

Education through technology facilitates the learning of P.S. Dhoom Manikpur students and boost their aptitude, efficiency and performance. ICT has a range of potential impact on students’ learning outcome such as substantial increase in student enrollment, improved attendance, increased knowledge of school subjects, improved attitudes about learning, and the acquisition of new skills. Moreover, it supports classroom outcome by making class more interactive and learning enjoyable. Additionally, ICT has an impact on students beyond their knowledge of school subjects and has a positive effect on student motivation and their attitude towards technology. Students of our school also availed the opportunity to use modern technology such as tablets. Furthermore, it supports teacher in the development of their technology skills, knowledge of new pedagogical approaches, as well as attain mastery of content and improves attitudes towards teaching.

ICT based intervention for better learning outcomes
Meenu, (SHIKSHA Initiative representative working as a teacher in school) constantly makes an effort to engage students with ICT education leading to increased learning level. It has been observed that students studying in smart classes score significantly higher in tests than students studying in regular classroom. P.S. Dhoom Manikpur School is thankful to Shiv Nadar Foundation for introducing SHIKSHA Initiative in grade 1 and 2 of our school and help integrate technology in the classroom.

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