Social Impact

Since inception, SHIKSHA Initiative has touched 25000 students in 500 schools and trained 812 teachers in using ICT to make pedagogy more effective and engaging. Currently, SHIKSHA Initiative is operating in Sitapur, Bulandshahr and Gautam Buddha Nagar to enhance the quality of education, enrich the learning process and nurture lifelong learners.

The impact of this project goes beyond its numbers. It is widely recognized that learners are encouraged and persistently involved in the learning process when concepts and skills are reinforced with technology and sound pedagogy. There is a significant increase in attendance and performance in the classrooms that we work in and also positive behavioral change has been observed among the students. Fostering digital literacy in the classroom help children to diversify the experience and knowledge to make learning more relevant and purposeful.

Moreover, SHIKSHA Initiative has a direct impact on development of teacher’s technical skills, knowledge of new pedagogical approaches and positive attitude towards teaching. Further, parents are also actively engaged in their child’s education and have seen positive change in the behavior of the children. Besides, the project has also been able to motivate the government officials who have visited SHIKSHA classrooms to strengthen their commitment to the education of children in their regions.

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