Deputy Manager Academic

Job Description:

This is key position in the elementary program of SHIKSHA Initiative. Candidate should able to conceptualise, create and deliver the program with changes in vision, policy and priorities.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Need assessment: based on change in situation propose and conduct need assessment for new intervention as per the approval of leadership. Conduct stakeholder meetings/FDGs and compile comprehensive requirement for the leadership perusals.
  • Planning: Conduct preplanning deliberation for finalising the agenda or areas for the discussion during annual planning workshop. Based on agenda and leadership directives propose alternates for the upcoming academic sessions. Develop executable plan for the rollout of activities and align all teams accordingly.
  • Training and Development: align academic rollout with Training Manager/department. Facilitate in developing the capacity of team member according to diverse profile and roles across the organisation working directly with delivery and mentoring.
    • Training and Development – based on TNI development of training, responsible for effectiveness of training, grooming ToT and team
    • Training development and evaluation [capacity development] – identifying the academic points for training for SHIKSHA Team
  • Content development:
    • ICT development for students and teachers based on curriculum and pedagogies for effective learning outcomes.
    • understanding of ICT features/ areas for intervention (LMS, templates, app)
    • Content development – Communication and clarity with ID. Expectation management with ID and grooming if needed.
    • Content testing and quality – Understanding of Content Testing and understanding of progress in QC
    • Understanding of technology/platform involved in developing diverse content for different segments/sections in academic delivery
  • Curriculum development: being curriculum enabler device curriculum for nurturing the lifelong learning opportunity for students and teachers. To make this possible deploy technology at best.

    Based on curriculum continuously work towards enhancing the quality of delivery (activity development, TLM, suggested infra, etc. ) for SHIKSHA elementary

  • Assessment and survey development: Need gathering for various academic related survey and develop tools as per the guidelines. Beside survey, develop diverse assessment tools for strengthening teaching – learning process. Equip teachers to assess students for effectiveness/learning outcomes.
    • Assessment and other survey tool development, training and supervising team for delivering/execution of the tools.
    • Develop tools and techniques for ease of teachers and students. Also, conduct training for field team to effectively observe/monitor assessments at schools which will help in TNI for Teachers and students.
  • Innovations and continuous improvement: based on learning/demand from field look for solutions takes program to next level. Keep presenting /proposing areas for improvement along with solutions- content, content delivery, supervision, student and teacher experience. Pilot the approved solution or prototypes, for scaling. R&D and innovation to develop enhancers for the delivery of education in the related scenario.
  • Coordination and team development: this role requires close working with other departments/functions. Timely information and material sharing required regular meetings and briefings.
  • Documentation and Reporting:
    • Maintain meeting records for all key development related task, Monitoring and evaluation including reporting [ for academic related tasks]
    • Documentation of pilots, field study/observation and training reports along with review and sharing
    • Maintain archive old manuals and reports, any documentation related to achieving development
    • Document case studies and best practices from the field for enriching other areas of program

Qualification and experience:

  • Candidate should have experience of working on field (direct implementation) and at management level in education sector, must have worked with government school in rural areas.
  • Worked on projects/program related to bridge digital divide, use of technology for process improvement and quality improvement
  • Must possess master’s degree in education, psychology or social sector
  • With experience of 15 year or more in social sector

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