Launch of SHIKSHA+ in Kasmanda

SHIKSHA Initiative has strategically intensified into adult literacy approach entitled as SHIKSHA+ that uses an ICT based methodology to teach the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic skills to illiterate adults who have not attended a formal school. With this objective, SHIKSHA+ was initiated in Kasmanda block of Sitapur district. Prior to it’s implementation, social mapping was done to encourage and help community to get directly involved in their development and to identify centre locations. Furthermore, focused group discussions were held with an objective to sensitize community on adult literacy. In total, 749 household surveys were done in 10 villages and 1070 adult learners were identified. Post identification of learners, pre-test was conducted of 103 learners to select and enroll candidates as per the eligibility criteria. Criteria like age, pre-test scores were considered while enrolling learners in the batch. Thus, 100 learners were enrolled in Batch 1 in 10 SHIKSHA+ centres who will undergo training for 90 days. Further, to ensure effective implementation of SHIKSHA+, 8 instructors have been recruited and trained with an intent to equip them with necessary skills and knowledge to impart learning.

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