Chris Garrett’s Visit to Centre of Excellence

On 24th of August, 2017, SHIKSHA Initiative was privileged to facilitate a familiarisation tour in an effort to introduce Chris Garrett to various facets of SHIKSHA Initiative. Chris is one of the esteemed board members of Better World Ed (formerly reweave). The mission of Better World Ed is to overcome world’s big challenges by disseminating empathy among youths. During his visit to Bhagat Convent School, he was informed about the technology that SHIKSHA Initiative uses in the ICT integrated class rooms. He had the opportunity to spectate live teacher-student transaction in the ICT integrated class room. Subsequently, he was provided a panoptic overview of various operating procedures. He was apprised about the impact-measurement of SHIKSHA Initiative along the lines of various aspects Viz. Literacy level, content retention, attendance rate. The ways in which teachers are constantly supported and engaged were explained at Primary School Sarai Dula. Subsequently, Chris was informed about the parameters on which assessments are developed by SHIKSHA Initiative. Later, he visited one of the SHIKSHA+ centres at village Chhaulas, and witnessed an adult literacy session. After completion of the field visit, he experienced an attributes enhancement training of newly recruited SHIKSHA+ field instructors. During the visit Chris learned about the impact of social change brought about by SHIKSHA Initiative through the prism of its employees. He has expressed his interest in collaborating with SHIKSHA Initiative

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