Project SACSHAM July, 2021

SHIKSHA Initiative is an implementing partner in a rather brilliant initiative named as Project SACSHAM (Smartly Attended Classes for Skill Honing and Advancement Module) of UP education Department launched by Mr. Ishan Pratap Singh, Chief Development Officer, Shravasti. Project SACSHAM will facilitate existing Panchayat bhawan to act as ideal place of learning and alternate e-governance and skill development for the youths, children, community peoples and Govt. officials aiming to establish easily accessible, healthy, transparent communication culture among all the stakeholders focusing on children and youths. The project also focusses on providing remedial teaching to the students of schools having single teacher and are lagging behind in learning the syllabus.

Upon receiving a formal letter by District Administration, SHIKSHA Initiative organized a two-day training workshop for 25 Academic Resource Persons (ARP) on “Creative Use of ICT Tools”. The training was inaugurated by Mr. Ishan Pratap Singh, CDO-Shravasti along with Mr. Parikshit Khatana, Associate Collector and Mr. Prabhu Ram Chauhan, Basic Shiksha Adhikari. Mr. Singh addressed the trainees and gave overview about operation SACSHAM and motivated Academic Resource Person’s to work with dedication.

Mayank Sinha, AGM, SHIKSHA Initiative began the session by setting the context followed by a brief vote of thanks by Mr. Prabhu Ram Chauhan, BSA.

SHIKSHA Initiative is also working as a Project Management consultant to Project SACSHAM. Mr. Mayank Sinha and Mr. Shishir Purohit were part of the steering committee which helped the administration to decide on implementation strategies. SHIKSHA Initiative was also invited to administer the technical demonstration done by 12 bidders on Interactive Flat Panel Display Technology (IFPD), digital multimedia content, skill content, adult literacy modules, web conferencing technology solutions, internet connectivity solutions, power backup solutions and monitoring solutions which would help the implementation team to regularise the implementation plan of Project SACSHAM.

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