Inauguration of Maholi Library and Certificate Distribution Ceremony of adult learners November, 2022

SHIKSHA Plus program of SHIKSHA Initiative is working to address the issue of adult illiteracy through its profound intervention across multiple districts. Aiming towards the same, SHIKSHA Initiative has come up with an innovative approach that not only will ensure that our learners remain in touch with the knowledge they have gained so far but shall also tap students of different age groups reading in schools, preparing for competitive exams and so on by setting up libraries. A library is a storehouse of knowledge one can immerse into. By setting up libraries SHIKSHA Initiative aims to bring knowledge to adults and students, who will now have free access to not only story books, schoolbooks but also books related to coding, awareness, general knowledge, and competitive exams. With the inauguration of community library in Sitapur, certificate distribution ceremony was also held on November 4, 2022. Around fifty learners were awarded the certificates and in addition five instructors were also recognized for their efforts. Mr. Akshat Verma, CDO Sitapur was the chief guest of the program. He further acknowledged SHIKSHA Initiative team to undertake this mammoth task. Along with the inauguration of the main library in Maholi, four sub- libraries were also inaugurated in different communities of Sitapur.

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