Chief Secretary, Government of Uttar Pradesh visited VidyaGyan Leadership Academy April, 2023

Chief Secretary, Government of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Durga Shankar Mishra visited VidyaGyan
Leadership Academy Sitapur campus on 07 th of April 2023. On this occasion he visited and observed
various areas in the campus before attending the formal meeting with VidyaGyan and SHIKSHA
Initiative team.
Mayank Sinha, Associate General Manager, SHIKSHA Initiative briefed about programs run by
SHIKSHA Initiative in Uttar Pradesh and in the native district (Mau) of the Chief Secretary. Mr. Sinha
gifted a collage of accomplishments in Mau district and shared an annual progress report with the
Chief Secretary.  On this occasion Additional Chief Secretary (Sugar Industries), Uttar Pradesh, Mr
Sanjay Bhoos Reddy was also part of this visit along with District Magistrate, Chief Development
Officer, Superintendent of police and other administrative officials of Sitapur.
The Chief Secretary was delighted to see how the students are shaping up and the foundation is
providing free quality education and amenities to meritorious rural children.

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