Awareness session on Human Rights on Human Rights Day December, 2023

On the occasion of Human Rights Day, observed annually on December 10th, the Shiksha Samriddhi Team conducted a comprehensive awareness session at GGIC BB Nagar. The session, designed to encompass crucial aspects of Human Rights, aimed to educate and empower students on the significance of this global observance.
The session’s theme covered fundamental elements, including an introduction to the concept of Human Rights, insights into their significance, a tribute to notable Indians advocating for Human Rights, an overview of Human Rights Day, and a glimpse into its historical background. The interactive session delved into the 30 identified Human Rights as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), shedding light on government initiatives in India.

In addition to informative presentations, the session fostered discussions around rights and duties, encouraging students to reflect on their role as responsible global citizens. The Shiksha Samriddhi team believes that such awareness sessions contribute significantly to the holistic development of students, nurturing a sense of responsibility and a heightened awareness of the world around them.

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