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On Ground Implementation

In a normal day at a Shiksha initiative classroom in a government school, trained teachers use the digital Shiksha content to teach in the classrooms. This ensures students get more involved in the learning process and participate enthusiastically. Once a unit gets completed, the teacher does individual querying for the entire class and need-based augmentation periodically, for each unit.

A Field Supervisor visits weekly to interact with teachers and students. He/she checks if the teaching process is standard and engaging and the students are learning as expected. He/she helps the teacher with any delivery issues, content issues and also collects attendance and assessment data for further analysis. An IT-Engineer ensures that schools don’t face equipment/software issues and visits schools periodically according to a fixed schedule and immediately on call.

All members of a cluster (block) meet at the end of each working day to discuss their achievements, challenges and the way ahead. Moreover, all the clusters meet once a month together with the core team for reviews and a healthy exchange of ideas. Regular trainings are held for teachers and block teams for new technologies, processes and content modules. Refresher trainings and on-the-run trainings are done periodically as well on need basis.