Shiksha Umang

‘UMANG’ – Promoting Student Engagement through Active Learning In the year of 2018, SHIKSHA Initiative introduced UMANG with an objective to engage students of grade 1 and 2 through fun-filled activities. Started as a pilot last year, program has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the students and teachers. Similarly, realizing the need for holistic development of children, it was decided to introduce it this year as well with more research and analysis.

UMANG is a 25 days programme which run in the schools from second week of April till summer vacations start. During the programme, various recreational activities are conducted to attract students to the school. The program focuses on the basics of elementary education and teach Hindi, English, Mathematics and Behavioural aspect in the class. In order to engage students, varied TLM (Teaching Learning Material) like Flash Card, PDF files, Presentation, Video (Rhyme, Story, Energizer), Daily Sports, Outdoor Activity, Worksheet, Ice Breaker and digital content developed by SHIKSHA is used in the classroom. All these activities helps in making the class entertaining and engaging. In addition, it is an attempt to make learning process simple and effective in the education system.

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